Friday, May 25, 2012

Grocery Shopping Paleo Style

What do you eat in a week? 
Do you purposely plan your meals? 
Do do you buy precooked food for the week and stop through the drive thru multiple times a week? 
Don't get me wrong, sometime it is a time saver to have a few frozen meals ready in a pinch. 
Who isn't tempted{and given into temptation} to drive thru your nearest fast food restaurant?
It all happens but after reading the following article it solidified the choice to eat paleo

Are you like the average american family?

This and the following photos is from an article Infowars

I have to say I was THOROUGHLY grossed out! 
Now if this is how your family eats I mean no offence but this is why the American
people are obese, diabetic, racked with disease and the like.
Now before you think that just Americans are poor eaters...
think again!

Great Britans weekly food consumption

Mexico...did you count the 2 liters of Coke? 12, TWELVE!!!!

Chad, this reminds me to NEVER complain about my grocery budget!

Now to show me mine now that I am eating a simple, natural, unprocessed diet

We eat pretty simply, my boys cereal/protein bars are probably the most processed food we consume. 
Now even though there isn't a lot of food don't equate this with a small amount of money spent. I made some yummy meals with this trip like sweet potato fries and breaded chicken, quiche, and garden meatballs.

I am very pro organically grown food, humanly treated animal meals and products, which all cost. 
But I would rather spend it natural foods than on medicine and Dr. visits. 
What does your weekly grocery shopping look like?
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  1. Interesting post, as my husband has been talking about Paleo a lot lately! We've slowly turned from processed to almost (almost!) all fresh. What's funny is that my kids did better with the change than the adults did! -diane

  2. Wow! Those pictures are really telling. We eat fairly good over here simply because my youngest son has Celiac Disease and therefore cannot eat any gluten - which is 90% of Target's processed food section. We feel better since we don't eat gluten - and it's saved my son's life.
    Great post. Thanks for linking as well!

  3. I am not shocked by those pictures. I have to admit that my picture would look 1/2 way between the typical American and yours. I try not to use too many processed foods. I have been trying to go to a more whole food diet. Thanks for linking up to Caffeinated Randomness this week and opening my eyes further.

  4. Very interesting pictures! I too avoid as much processed, unnatural food as I can..I want it the way God intended (just blogged about it last week in case you are interested).
    Never heard of paleo term though...
    Thanks for that info!
    :) Michy


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