Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Trying Month

This has been a trying month.
Do you ever have those?
Where you get to the end of the month and say
“How did we make it through that?”

God’s grace and faithfulness has always been the answer

I honestly do not know how unbeliever gets through days, weeks, months or years without His redemptive love and grace.

I struggle so often at getting things ‘right’ or ‘perfect’.
Which is unattainable.
Christ is the only perfect things, man and God without spot or blemish.
I am to follow after Him.
How? With my spots and blemishes?
because of His GREAT love for you, and me He sacrificed His life for us, so that we can be made perfect and complete.

Which means my long list of things that I try to make perfect.
My marriage
My boys
Our home
My friendships

I need to let go and give it to the Lord.
Only He can make me into the woman He created
Only He can make my marriage a picture of Christ loving the church
Only He can change the heart and attitude of my boys
Only He can make my home a haven of rest and peace
Only He can direct the relationships in my life.

If I try to take over and do it
Thankfully, the Lord is patient with me. Because even though I know what it is I aught to be doing I am not always doing it.
Which is sin
To him who knows what is right and does not do it, to him it is sin
So Lord I give it to you, my Martha ways {here and here}, {my sad heart}, {discontentment}
These trials are producing something lovely in me, slowly but surely

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