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{Part 2} At Home with Mary and Martha

{Part 2} At Home with Mary and Martha-Quiet Time

Be sure to read {part 1} if you missed to learn about BALANCE in our lives

As a ‘Martha’ I struggle with consistent quiet time, especially when I am not in a Bible study. I am not a diligent lover of the work because I am focused way too heavily on my ‘to do’ list.

I know as a follower of Christ to know him, know his commands and obey them I must be in God’s word. I need to have a consistent quiet time(s) in my day.
Quiet Time Tips
First lets address why we are to have quiet time. Holly did a great job with this, here are the reasons she gave. 
We have quiet time:
  • to enjoy fellowship with God and get to know Him better {Philippians 3:8-10;                 Matthew 22:37}
  • to delight God {Proverbs 15:8b}
  • to discover principles to direct our lives {Psalm 119:105}
  • to develop perspective on life from God's point of view {Romans 12:2}

Quiet time is for us.

I can think of countless time when I have not spent time in the word and my day is just a wreck my attitude is bad which sent the mood for my whole day.

However, I can know that the day is going to be long, and even hard but if I have started my day with the Lord in reading His word and in prayer I have peace. It’s not as if all the things I have to disappear or become easy, because that isn’t the case.

What happens is I have allowed God to be most important in my day and let him command. Jessica is out of the way, and God is leading and providing me with the wisdom and strength I asked at the beginning of my day.

Which takes us to the next part, prayer

Prayer isn’t just spouting off all the things you need and want, but allowing time to really LISTEN.

Our church follows the ACTS model

Spend time praising the Lord by praying Psalms back to Him {Psalm 28:7; 100:4} I love listing the attributes of God and praising Him through song as well
Ask God to search your heart {Psalm 139:23,24} Confess any sin the Holy Spirit brings to your attention {Psalm 66:18; 1 John1:9}
Thank God for ALL that He’s done and is doing in your life and the lives of others. This is a great time to write it all down. {my small group leader is challenging us to write 1000 little gifts as done in Ann Voskamps book
Pray for specific things each day, personal concerns, family, events, friends, missionaries, etc. These can also be written down and dated so that you can go back and witness God’s faithfulness through prayer

One of my favorite things Holly talked about was the Quiet Time Tools. First off you need to decide where you plan on having your quiet time, is it going to be in one spot, or will it travel. In either instance a pretty basket, bag or box will work nicely as a way to contain the contents of your 
Quiet Time Tools
 Devotional- these can be books or an app on your smartphone/tablet. I am currently using YouVersion's Devotional plans. I like it because I can set a reminder to go off 5 minutes after I wake. So that I can be sure to spend time in the word before I greet my family. 
Books- What's It Like to Be Married to Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free The Power of a Praying Wife

Writing tools- Highlighters/ Colored pens- I like to mark up my devotional and books with highlighters and my bible with colored pens
Notecard/Blank greeting cards-To send notes of encouragement to those I am praying for, who doesn't like getting REAL mail!
Journal/Notebook- Great for notes, writing out prayers, list things that we are thankful for etc. 

Lastly decide where you want these items to stay. I have them in basket with a handle so that I can keep them all together and it is transportable. I am a reader by nature and I have a stack of books 6 high that I  am am 'reading' from my goals which are ever changing so I personally don't keep the books in this basket, but by my bed. 

I know that I am to spend time in the word and in prayer, my very Martha self fights giving this adequate time. I see my list of things that need to be done so I short change my quiet time to the bare minium. But that isn't how you get to know someone. You spend as much time as possible. And I have more time, I am just not choosing to give it to the Lord. I can't tell you what that time allotment looks like in your life, but I know for me it can and will be more. 

Are you balancing time with our Father with keeping your home well? If you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them?

Part 3 will be out shortly, don't forget to read {Part 1} if you missed it. 

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