Thursday, January 7, 2010

Next DIY Project- Curtains!

I already have the fabric that I need ( I've had is almost a year now!) Just need to get the 2 other pieces to make the curtains. To see how you can make No-Sew Curtains or click the word. Also here is how to make them with pre-spaced grommets on poly-tap. I am hoping all this sewing, home decorating, and baby prep will bring on this little boy. Maybe he will decide to come out and see what a wonderful mommy he has to make his home and world more enjoyable to look at! Not sure why being pregnant, less than 2 weeks less pregnant, has sparked the desire to do these things that I intended to do months and months ago. Oh well it will be done and when people come to visit us I will like my living room so much better!

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