Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Food

So I am very interested in making my own baby food. Where I nannied last, the mom made a lot of her son's food. I have been looking at all the different gadgets that can be used to make food. Though initially I want to say, why in the world would you pay that much for a baby food maker (i.e. Beaba Babycook $149)?
a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster all in one
steams veggies, fruit, meat,&fish in 15min or less
preserving vits &mins
quickly reheats or defrost precooked food
BPA free
Recipes are included when you buy
Then I think about just how much it cost to buy baby food. Those little jars are expensive, I know that the number 3 Gerber are close to $0.80/jar. So then I think OK, if I am going to feed my child every meal from a jar, that would be what 2 jars or so a meal, so 6-8 jars a day. That would be about $6/day, $45/week, $180/month ( if we are feeding w/#3 jars) . So, I KNOW I can't afford that. So maybe buying a machine that does all that the Beaba Babycook does isn't so bad. Now to be sure there are cheaper machines, or you can use your own steamer and blender. But I have neither. So I would like to know what you veteran mom's did. I know I will have to buy something, but what should it be?

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  1. We have the Kidco processor. You can get it a Babiesrus and it is less than $40. It works great. We just cook the veggies, then put them in the processor, then waalaa...great, healthy baby food!


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