Thursday, January 7, 2010

DIY Nursing Cover

So I really want one of those nursing covers. However I am a little tight on the budget, (amazing how much money a baby suck away before they make their appearance!) So my mom and I were looking for tutorials that show you how to make one, that has the boning in it so you can see the baby nursing. If you are interested in making one here is one of the sites we found called made by the mama monster. My mom, sis and I are on our way to Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabric to get the supplies. I will post pictures and let you know how it goes. One lady said she spent $10 to make 2! Those covers start at $32 and go up! So I am a little excited about my project:)

Ok so I made my nursing cover and am very VERY proud of myself! Thanks to some help from my mom, this cover cost me a whooping $8!!!!

Complete with the boning so I can see my little one feeding
Here is my finished product!
Here are the supplies for 2 covers, the boning was $1.80, the fabrics were about $4.50 ea.
and the thread $1.30

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