Friday, September 5, 2008

Mary Kay

So lastnight I went to a Mary Kay TNT (a team training) to see how I feel about the people in this particular unit. I semi tried another direct sells company Arbonne. While I liked their products I did not like the lack of support, and guidance from my leader. Plus I didn't understand the compinsations and the discount wasn't that great. But my mom along with several of her friends have done Mary Kay. Some have continued through for many years, however they always talked about how wonderful the support was or is. So I thought about joining this group of women. It took me a week of thinking, praying and reading information about MK.
I came to my decision lastnight. The Director was SO excited about her girls( the unit) and helping them along in their business. I liked that I and love the lady who recruited me. She has known my family for 13+ years. So all this to say I am now a Mary Kay consultant excited and scared at the same time. Those of you who know me you will probably hear from me in the near future. Those who don't I will be putting up my MK website if you need product!

Take care and have a blessed day

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