Saturday, January 26, 2013


I love my church! I have said that several times. This is no exception either. Last weeks the body where I worship had an event for women. Recharge Women't Night of Worship, Encouragement and Connecting. It was wonderful. Wonderful love songs to our Savior. A beautiful story of God's faithfulness in the life a member, and a funny southern speaker who made me laugh and cry!

Mary Clayton Wood is one of the funniest ladies I have ever heard speak, she is southern to her core!  She first pointed out identifies among all women in every stage of life 1. We are exhausted, 2 We are always out of time, 3 We compare ourselves to others (the kiss of death to contentment) 4. We never finish our 'To do' list 5. We are held captive by technology. Which is why we all needed this night to recharge. Many women had to preform a minor miracle to make it out the door! I personally had to arrange a sitter since my hubs was working.

The main focus of her talk was on the example Sarah is to us women for women. Sarah is an Old Testament figures that is mentioned many time in the New Testement. Two places are 1 Peter 3:6 and Hebrews 11:8-11. Mary Clayton had 3 focus points about Sarah
1. A model of submission despite  manipulation and need for control
2. A portrait of redemption, despite her failures
3. A woman of faith, despite laughing at God's promises.

I loved this because in Hebrews it praises the faith of Abraham and Sarah, they are rewarded for their faithfulness. But when you go back to Genesis chapters 11-21 you see where they  failed and faltered again and again Proverbs 24:16a For an upright man, after falling seven times will get up again.
Even when they disobeyed , took matters into their own hands, {Sarah gave her maid for Abraham to sleep with to conceive a child! Who does that!} the Lord still blessed them, from them came the Savior. Everything was redeemed!

There is NO mistake that we can make that will separate us from the love of God

I love that truth. As mom I think about things that my child could do, mistakes they might make. However I can think of nothing that would keep me from loving them. The way I feel is how God feels at the HIGHEST level!

Thanks be to God who loved me!

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