Friday, April 20, 2012

Paleo Update

Hello to my faithful followers. Sorry to be MIA for over two weeks, this new eating lifestyle has kinda taken over in the beginning. However I now have a good rhythm. Speaking of which I love my 'diet'! It has helped in so many ways in areas like

  • Better sleep
  • Clear head
  • Weight loss
  • Less grouchy with the boys in my life
These benefits have out weighted the hurdles of changing my diet. I really and truly don't miss grains (except for pizza), I really don't miss sugar at all, and even though I will be continuing this lifestyle past my 30 days I will be having full dairy, full sugar, full grain CHEESECAKE for my birthday!

Anyway I have been experimenting with different things for meals and my staples for sure are

I will be sharing some pretty yummy recipes that I have tried this month. They are forth coming. If you have some yummy paleo friendly recipes I'd love to share them! Let me know!!


  1. Cant wait to hear about the recipes!

    1. Thanks for your patience! I've got some up with more coming!


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