Friday, March 23, 2012

Proud {Pinterest} moment

So since see the revolution of Pinterest I have been pinning away so many amazing things. But sadly my well intentions of doing so many of the great DIY/Crafts have not happened. But I do want to document my awesome mom momnent. I made the cutest treats for my 2 years olds class at MOPS. The original ideas looks like this.
Easter Carrots

So this is my insperation and what I was aiming for. However I wasn't able to find pastery bags that didn't have a HUGE Wilson  medallion in purple on the front of it. So I imperovised and made it this way 

They came out better than I imagined. So I know inquiring minds what to know what I did

{Easter Treats}
Pastry treat bags
Easter Foam stickers

Simply fill the bags with about 1/2- 3/4 c of bunnies
tie a bow with the ribbon of your choice
Slap a foam sticker on the top 
Presto simple fun sugar free Easter treat!

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What sugar-free treats are you doing for Easter?

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