Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sometime when we are down we only see the negative around us. I am speaking generally, but I mean myself. If you have figured out how not to do this please share! So I am kinda in a funk, feeling somewhat overwhelmed with my new responsibility as mom and wife, not really feeling connected to a body of believers and not having many close friend. So here are the things I am choosing to dwell on, my many blessings:
  1. My Savior Jesus Christ
  2. God's Word the Bible
  3. My husband Robert
  4. My sweet baby boy David
  5. My mom Felecia
  6. My family,
  7. My husbands family
  8. A husband who works hard for our family
  9. A roof over my families head
  10. Food on the table, in the pantry, in the fridge
  11. Cute clothes to wear!
  12. 2 working cars to drive
  13. Watermark Bible study
  14. Watermark Square One ministry for first time moms
  15. Mary Kay!
  16. Free Starbucks ( hubby works there)
  17. MOPS
  18. Living in a city with many things to do
  19. My health
  20. The health of my husband and son
These are just some of the things that are a blessing in my life. There are some things I am hoping to add in the next month! Please be praying for my heart attitude, that it will be one of gratefulness, and peace. Thanks!

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