Thursday, March 11, 2010


So as I have stated, I want to have a new body. My ultimate goal is to be lean, tone, and healthy. However, being a new mom and trying to make healthy changes isn't a walk in the park. Two word Sleep Deprivation. OK well maybe not total sleep deprivation, but not getting your normal night of continual sleep makes it hard to stick to things. For instance, eating clean and exercising require time. However when your baby is fussing and you are tired it is SOOO easy to do what is easy. Like for breakfast cereal, or nothing at all for that matter (yes I know as a breastfeeding mom I need to eat my breakfast!) is easier than making steal cut oatmeal (which take 30 mins!) or eggs. This is just one way that it is easy for me to do what is easy. But I know that I will never have the lean, tone healthy body and life I want if I don't make the time. So I make a point to go to my closet and look a particular brick red button front knee length dress, and say " If I want to fit in you and look fabulous I must make the time!" I have made this dress my motivation, that and reading the amazing success stories from the Oxygen magazine. So what is your motivation for being healthy?


  1. I just look at my huge grandmother and mom and I have their exact same body-type so i know that's where i'm headed if i start down the path of being overweight and I get TERRIFIED and lose my appetite altogether :)

  2. My husband! He is my main motivation - I always want to be on top of my game. Plus I want to be strong so that I can still play sports well into my older years, yeah!


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