Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Staying Organized

My mom has gotten me in to looking at all these different blogs. They have been giving me some great ideas for keeping my family organized when all members arrive! This blog she has me spending tons of time on is Pretty Organized Palace. The lady who does the blog is a mother of 6 and has really neat ways of organizing her life without losing her mind. I figure if she can organize a family of 8 I can do a family of 3. The neat idea she has that I really liked is about list making. She makes list for all kinds of things. Here is an excerpt from her blog about how and why she does list:

Confession of a Mother of 6:
I forget everything. I have to write which kid is on restriction, for what and for how long and post it to the fridge so that I can enforce it... if not, I wake up the next day and treat him/or her like the child of God I know they are and happily send them off to school. I didn't realize I did this until I announce to my son one day, "You're on restriction for 1 week as a consequence for your poor choice." To which he replied, "That's okay mom, you'll just forget." OOoooo, desperation leads to creativity! I was going to prove him wrong.
I make lists... and I used to forget where I put them until I got smart and started keeping them all in the same place.

I love this women's frankness about life and being a mother. She isn't trying to be supermom, or waste her energy on things that aren't worth it. Just wanted to share!

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