Friday, January 8, 2010

Wall Art

I must be nesting, I look at different blogs and go " OH I want to do that!" Today's moment was looking at these wall art ideas. I was thinking my bedroom is blah. Nothing decorative in it at all. The ideas I saw was actually a headboard. Basically wood, covered in batting, then wrapped with a pretty decorative fabric, stapled on the back and using picture hanging systems hung on the wall. I mean SUPER easy. So today I bought half of what I need, fabric and batting

I already have the staple gun, and need to get the picture hanging systems, and wood. I am going to Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow to buy scrap wood to make 4-12" squares and the hanging systems. I wonder just how many of my project I will get to finish. Still have to buy grommet for my No-Sew Curtains. Hopefully David give me till after tomorrow!

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