Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It is getting closer!

So I might be having my son before the 1st of the year! Which of course will make my sweet husband happy... he wants that tax write off. I went to the midwife today and she told me that I was 2 centimeters, and 80% effaced. So I am to take it easy till Saturday so that I make it to 37 weeks. So that means I have a nice 'To do' list... for others to do of course
1. Install car seat, it is in my car just not installed or adjusted
2. Pack bags for the birth center
3. Finish folding the rest of David's clothes
4. Clean our bedroom, so that we can move the bassinet into our room
5. Clean the bathroom
6. Wash clothes
7. Send out care calender email
8. Organize my postpartum help
9. Take naps (this I will do myself!)
10. Enjoy this time with Robert before little man comes!
If you have any other suggestions of that I should do or not do let me know!

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