Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making house a home

So Robert and I moved to our new apartment yesterday ( will have pictures soon)! It is nearly 300 sq ft bigger than our old place!

So the previous owners left these HIDEOUS shower curtains... they will be the first things to go!

This is our guest room/office

Looking at the kitchen from the living room. This kitchen is bigger and has a bigger pantry!

One side of our living room

The other half of our living room

Our brand new HDTV that a dear friend gave us as a very belated wedding gift, so I am calling it an anniversary gift!

The Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

I have been going crazy wanting to make it homey! 2 weeks before we moved we bought some new furniture. Yesterday I went to Cutting Corners ( amazing fabric store) and got fabric to reupholsters my dining room chair seats, a bench, to make curtains and pillows, and bought trim for the bench, pillows and a lamp. I am in way decorating mode. Looking for deals for decorative items. My lovely husbands just laughs at me then shakes his head at the price of fabric per yard! But I know that it is a good deal, and told him to trust me on this one! If there is anyone with sewing knowledge, and especially if you have made curtains I covet your informations, tips and warnings!!

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