Wednesday, February 20, 2013

keep on keepin' on


I have had about 3 false starts since my nesting post! NOT nice son!

Remember the Nesting list?
  • Vacuum/clean out my SUV
  • Install infant car-seat and put snap-n-go in the trunk 
  • Pack my bag and baby's bag for the Birth Center
  • Buy more diapers, {we were gifted with almost 800 diapers from my hubs soccer team}
  • Wash remaining baby clothes
  • Send emails to my friend Andrea for the Care Calendar ( SO excited about not cooking!)
  • Arrange for my 2 hours of house cleaning (Baby shower gift)
  • Hang picture collage over my couch {bought some frame at the thrift store}
  • Make a clothespin chandler from Young House Love {not because it's done I'm just taking it off the list!
  • Make Goodwill, Kid to Kid, Half Price Books and Clothes Mentor drop offs
Got some things done and still have more to do. Plan on working on the collage today and tomorrow borrowing I don't go into labor. 

My sweet mother-in-love came over and helped clean some. So now I can schedule that Groupon for house cleaning. My sweet husband doesn't understand why I would clean before having professionals come clean. I don't think this is one will ever be understood my males! But I want the house cleaners to clean the stuff I don't want to. You know deep clean
~Bathroom {need I say more} 
~Wash windows
~Mini blinds
~Fans/light fixtures
~Dust my surfaces 
That can't be done if piles of clutter are everywhere. So I plan to schedule them to come probably next week which means I will probably beg ask my mom to come over and help me prep for the cleaning people!

What are you doing this week that is productive/non productive?

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