Saturday, February 9, 2013


37 weeks today!


I get to a stage in my pregnancies where I am just DONE!

It happens earlier and earlier each one. 

With my first it didn't really happen, I went into labor 2 days before his due date it as all good
My second I was on modified bed rest so I was done about 3 weeks before his due date and he came a week early! Thank you son
This pregnancy I have been DONE for about 5 weeks! Chasing 2 toddlers will do that to you. Of course I can't have him that early, I love my midwife and birth center and I have to be 37 weeks to deliver there. 


Today is the day! I am in the safe zone and I want him OUT! I am tempted to "run" sprints, take flights of stairs 2 at a time, have spicy food for every meal, have * you know what* every evening, 

Basically all the things that could bring on labor! 

However I have this list. The Nesting List that needs to be done. Let me indulge you on the insanity I want done!
  • Vacuum/clean out my SUV
  • Install infant car-seat and put snap-n-go in the trunk 
  • Pack my bag and baby's bag for the Birth Center
  • Buy more diapers 
  • Wash remaining baby clothes
  • Send emails to my friend Andrea for the Care Calendar ( SO excited about not cooking!)
  • Arrange for my 2 hours of house cleaning (Baby shower gift)
  • Hang picture collage over my couch 
  • Make a clothespin chandler from Young House Love
  • Make Goodwill, Kid to Kid, Half Price Books and Clothes Mentor drop offs
So I understand that a few of those items I have NOTHING to do with the baby! But I want to bring him home to a cute house and I am sick of bare walls and boring fixtures! So I am off to the Dollar Tree and Home Depot to get the supplies! 

What do/did you want done when nest?

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  1. I am with you Jessica. I have a LONG list of to-dos before this boy comes. However I still have at least 10 weeks to go. So far I have organized cabinets, drawers, closets, and the pantry. I have built a trellis and been working on the spring garden. I also canned 25 pounds of tomatoes just because (I still had 9 jars in the pantry). Still on my to-do list is to finish the remodel in baby boys room, keep gardening, organize the garage, clean out the shed, make some dinners to freeze, and paint, design, and organize the babies room. Its amazing how early the nesting sets in the second time around. :) Can't wait to meet baby Micah!!!


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