Sunday, February 12, 2012

How are you serving your community for Christ?

Watermark members serving
I love when our church encourages us to serve. It is easy for me to be content in the easy ways I serve. They are second nature to me. I love to cook so I serve in a ministry called Hugs and Quiches. I take meal to  moms who have had children, families who have suffered the loss of a love one or for those who are in hard times due to family, illness or physical limitation. 

I also serve with are parents of preschoolers. I LOVE this ministry I get much needed support and encouragement as a mother and wife. WIN:WIN! 

But these are very comfortable....

Serving in the poverty stricken areas of my city, mentoring a child from 4th-12th grade, or counseling young confused women about the life they carry inside... that isn't easy or comfortable. 

But since when has the Christian walk been easy? Was it for christ? No they hated him John 15:18, spat on him Matthew 26:67, killed him  John 19 but that didn't deter him from his purpose. To glorify the Father. 

This  is my purpose. To glorify his Great Name

Listen to this wonderful song by Nataile Grant

I look forward to reviewing the ministries available to me and my family to serve and extend Christ to those who do not know Him.
How do you serve?

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