Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrifting can be profitable

Last week my cousin and I had a ton of fun thrifting some outfits for her. She is a single mom and has to stretch her dollar. I love shopping so any excuse to thrift I am all in. I will be showing some of her outfits in the near future because they are just too cute to keep to ourselves. Since I was on a thrifting high I went by myself a couple of days later with no plan in mind. 

While shopping I happened upon these...

BRAND NEW TOMS for $9.99!!! 

I was pretty excited. I love it when thrift stores haven't a clue about brands Ever since seeing Mandy's the $10 business I have been thinking about finding a $10 item and making money off it. Well these lovely men Highlands Brown Botas are on Ebay if you are interested! 

But that's not all I found...

A Tory Burch tunic for $2.98!!!!

Unbelievable, if it wasn't a size 2 I would have keep it for myself. 
But instead I am selling it on Ebay too!

Do you sell on Ebay? Does it work for you?

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