Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meal Planning

I am very interested in simplifying my life. Everyone one is way too hurried in our culture.
 I don't want the memory I leave my boys to be;
  'Mommy was always in a hurry or Mommy was always rushing us out the door'. 
No I want to spend intentional time with my sons and not feel hurried to get it over with because I have something else I need to be doing. 
Thus meal-planning is going to be a HUGE help this year. Now that both boys are able to eat just about everything mom and dad eat I can concentrate on just one item per meal time. I have been checking out Onceamonthmom and I am looking forward to tailoring it to fit our family. I like to cook so I probably will want to do so more than just once a month but the concept will be very beneficial to our family and having dinner ready when daddy walks through the door.
I know that this will give me some freedom and elevate stress that happen around 5pm.
My goal is to share my recipes /meal plans with you.
This will defiantly be  a learning experience so join me as I learn. 

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