Friday, September 9, 2011

A journey in healthy eating

Are you on a food and health journey? After watching this video (it's long)...

I started thinking about what I am doing to protect my family from what the government has allowed into our food supply.
I was on my friend Beth’s blog and it reminded me of the many changes my family has already made toward being more natural, holistic and chemical-free
Changes we have made:
  • Started using natural cleaning products
  • Using natural toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Buying natural, hormone-free, cage-free, antibiotic-free dairy/meat; organic when possible,
  • Cut out most refined sugar
  • Eating the dirty dozen produce organic
  • Drinking Kefir
  • Consuming organic oat (regularly grown oats are heavily sprayed) 
Changes I want to make:
  • Cloth diapering at home with the next child(ren)
  • Switch to all natural/chemical free shampoos, conditioners, lotions, cleaning and laundry product
  • Using Coconut oil for things
  • Juicing vegetables
  • Buy my grass-fed beef and free-range chicken/eggs from a local farmer
  • Read and educate myself on holistic and natural living.
My MIL has been seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor in the Dallas area with a 'eating food the way God intended' approach. It is very much in keeping with holistic and natural living. He teaches you the why about what is wrong with food today, and how to make the changes. A couple of recourses that he recommend are: 
The cosmetic database~ it rates product based on the level of toxicity 

On of my favorite people on the topic of real food is Tosca Reno. Tosca popularized Clean Eating which my family has adapted for the most part. Eating clean has so many benefits, that the though of tweaking it even more make me a little giddy. 
So I am recommitting myself and my family in the journey to healthy eating. What are you doing?

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  1. Hey Jessica! I don't know if you've seen my blog post or any of my FB postings about Savvy Boheme but if you're wanting to use natural body care products then I totally recommend that company. Check out my blog and for more information. It's awesome!


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