Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About to Start on my Desk!

So am about to start my furniture painting. I bought some Ivy Leaf spray paint by Krylon and Krylons white primer. Wal-mart didn't have the Kilz that Brooke from All things thrifty recommends and since trying to get out of the apartment with a 8 month old and being 5 1/2 month pregnant is a chore hopefully I won't regret my choice.

Since I wasn't sure how that color would look out of the can and on something I experimented with a picture frame. Just not in the mood to redo a WHOLE desk if I like the color. The best part about this upcoming project is that it will probably cost me only $12-$15!
  • Spray paint~ I'm estimating 3 can @ $2.97/ea = $9 basically
  • Primer ~ 1 can $2.97
  • Sealer for the top not even half a can ~ less than $1.50!
  • Maybe if I feel ambitious I will line the drawers with paper ~$1-2
  • Desk~ FREE!!! MIL gave it to me, because she didn't have a use for it but didn't want to throw it away. SCORE!
Now to get started... during the next nap time I plan to get going!

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  1. Jessica, thanks for stopping by to visit! Please come back again & say hello. Nice to meet you.


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