Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Body

So I am ready to get back to pre-baby, pre-marriage, pre-college weight! If you type in "weight loss" in Google, OMG what you will find. Promises of 15 lbs in 15 hrs and other crazy things like that. As much as I would LOVE to loose weight that fast I know it is at all healthy. I have been looking into a lifestyle change not a quick fix. So I was super excited about the Eating Clean Diet. Writer and figure competitor Tosca Reno has some really good books on eating clean. I love what I have read. I know that it will make me healthier and fit. Which is the most important thing. So here it to my new body.
I promise to be kind to the current one, no negative thinking, or criticism. I promise to feed my body healthy wholesome fresh food. I promise to move my body in exercise. And I promise to have a positive and happy outlook no matter how fast or slow the weight come off! OK!

1 comment:

  1. Jess - that's awesome! I just started trying some of Tosca's recipes and they are actually packed with flavor! Cheers to you and your HEALTHY mindset of getting trim. Rock on, girl!


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