Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting down to business!

So, getting back on track isn't always easy. So of you may know that I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Up until David was born,business was steady. I had the baby, and Mary Kay was in the back burner. Well David will be 6 weeks Thursday and I am missing the extra cash Mary Kay produced! But getting back in to Mary Kay mind isn't/hasn't been easy. Things can easily distract me from the task at hand! I mean who would want to watch a sleeping baby for an hour? But I could be more productive. I will, I will, I will!!!! So here is to productivity, fun and better finances! So now that you know I am in the business, if you are interested let me know. Want a fun night with the girls? New look for the Spring? Need a great gifts for family and friends? I am your answer, well Mary Kay is! The best part, to participate you don't have to pay anything! YEAH to free fun!

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