Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting out and about

So my sweet little bundle of joy is 3 weeks old and has already seen his fare share of the Dallas area! Since his mommy can't sit still long or stay home long here are a few places we have been since his birth!
  1. Basketball game -North Dallas
  2. Basketball game - Richardson
  3. Basketball game -Frisco
  4. Target - Mesquite and Dallas
  5. Kohl's -Dallas
  6. Kroger-Dallas
  7. Cindy NY Deli -North Dallas
  8. Inwood Village Pediatrics - Dallas
  9. Bible Study- Watermark, Dallas
  10. MOPS- Willshire Baptist, Dallas
  11. Church- Scofield Church, Dallas
  12. Both sets of grandparents, Garland
Now all we need is to visit Addison, Carrolton, and Plano! But really I love being out. My favorite thing that I have done as a new mom is MOPS. I am so glad that I joined. They are a great group of women. One reason I am loving my MOPS group is they have brought me meals before even meeting me. I joined about a week before David was born, and their meal coordinator contacted me because she wanted to set up bring meals to me. This lady didn't know me from Adam, but wanted to serve. I thought that was awesome, and definitely want to be a part of a group who serves. So those of you who aren't in MOPS look it up, it is great!

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