Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still Pregnant

I am not sure why I am so impatient! But I am, my son still has claim to 2 more weeks inside me, but I am wanting this to be over. There are women around me who are due the same time I am give or take 5 days and are being induced! I get frustrated because that isn't an option I have. Since I am having him at a birth center they don't do drug induction, and won't offer natural ways till you are 40 weeks. I get jealous of these women who get to have there baby. But I know there is a reason he hasn't come, it isn't time. I have to trust that God knows what he is doing, because I would have had him last week. But this does give me a few more days to just be with Robert. I have to admit that not have the baby during this Christmas break has given me every opportunity to be with my husband who is off from teaching. We have been able to just do everyday things together. However Monday the break is over and I want my son in my arms and out of my womb!

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