Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stroller Shopping

I am always so frustrated when I enter a baby store! Why in the world is baby gear SO EXPENSIVE!!! We are expecting our second boy in a little under 3 months. So I was in BuyBuyBaby looking for a double stroller that will fit into my Honda Civic trunk.
The stroller (see below) that goes with my car seat is HUGE
The Chicco Double stroller suggested retail $300.00
It folded well but it is huge! I mean I am only 5'2 and that handle has to be 4'3 high! It was to my chest!

Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Sug. Retail $280.00

This is the one I want but the didn't have for me to test out my car seat. But these two strollers where the cheapest price wise, but overall well made strollers. I am still fearful that non of them will fit into our very very VERY small car trunk.

How did you pick your stroller?

This whole process is stressful. So many options, so many models, so many prices, so many review... AGH it is enough to make a woman go mad! My sweet hubby was with me and said "why are you stressing about this, just pick the one you like best." I wish it were that easy, however there are too many what if's. 

Where do you do your research? This Diva momma needs some help!!!!

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  1. I did a ton of research and after all of that I ended up buying one from Target. It folded down easily and fit in my trunk. My good friend has the one you like. It does fold down quite small and she loves it..she says its kind of heavy though. I would ask the store if you could test it out and see if the model will fit in your car before you buy it. Welcome to blog world. Hopefully we can chat on Twitter!


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