Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Birth of David Logan Pattenaude

So I want to document the wonderful birth of my son.

It all began Thursday at 3:15am. Nice strong, deep pain beginning in my hips woke me up. I remember waking Robert saying, " If I have another one of these we are timing them because that HURT!" Well I did have another, and another and another for about 3hrs. So we called the midwife at 6:15am to let her know what was happening. She told me that I could get in the tub for the pain, then take a walk to help speed them up, and to call her when they were every 5 minutes lasting a minute, for one hour (5-1-1) So I did just what she said, and after we got back from our walk the contractions just STOPED!! I was not happy. So we took a (much needed) nap. So it is about 10:30am and I realize “I am hungry”. So Robert made us some grits for breakfast. My midwife called to see how I was progressing, I had to tell her that my contractions had stopped then picked back up to every 15-25 mins. She said well it is still early in the day, this might be false labor or just early labor. So Robert and I decided to relax and watched the Last Holiday. After the movie we started what Robert likes to call “ Operation Baby” which involved all the non-drug ways to induce labor, acupressure, some um-um lovey time ;), and Mexican food. As we were getting ready to go to the Mexican restaurant my contractions were happening every 4-6 minutes lasting about 55 sec. Lucky for me ZuZu’s was empty except for the 2 workers. So while trying to eat my soup I was having contractions, not a good combination. I wasn’t able to eat all of my food. We called the midwife and she wanted us to come in for a labor check, just to see if anything had happened. So we drive the 10 min from the restaurant to the birth center, which were the longest 10 minutes of my life thus far. Contractions in the car, driving over a bumpy road are very uncomfortable! We arrived at the birth center at about 5:30pm and got checked by the birth assistant 4 cm and completely effaced. So she suggested that we go to the park next door and walk. So we walked and in 30 minutes I have 8 contractions and they were pretty intense. At this time, I couldn't walk anymore so the midwife came and checked me, I was at a 5 and she was going to break my water. Before she did that I had to have an IV put in so that I could receive antibiotics for the Group B Strep. It is now about 6:15 and the contractions are every 2-4 mins lasting over a minute, and require me to totally concentrate on what my body was doing. After about 2 ½ hrs of contractions the birth assistant comes to me and says it is time to squat and get the baby down. All I can think is “that is going to hurt more!” But I do it because I was tired and ready to be done. We move to the birthing room and the midwife checks me again and says that I am still 5 cm, the baby is at 0 station and she wants me to push to get him into the birth canal. I am like WHAT!?!?!?! After one push I had him the birth canal and was at a 10! So we waited about 20 minutes to have him, just so that my parents could be there for the birth! My parents arrived and David was crowning! I pushed 3 times and had a baby on my chest. It was amazing! Robert caught him, brought him to my chest and cut the cord. David was a little cold so he was under the warmer about 20 minutes. But once he was all warmed up, they wrapped in a towel and brought him to me. I didn’t know I could love another human that much but I am COMPLETELY and UTTERLY IN LOVE!!!!

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