Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready. Set. Go. 2013.

Here are all the goals I have for the fabulous year 2013!

Read: I really want to read alot this upcomming year. So here are some that I plan to get through
You're Already Amazing
Tell your Time - Amy Anderson
Hope for the Weary Mom
Choosing Gratitude - Nancy Lee DeMoss
Loving the Little Years - Jankovic
Good and Angry
Shepherding A Child's Heart
The Money Saving Mom's Budget- Paine
Cleaning House- Kay Wyma
Parenting with Love and Logic-Cline & Fay
Bringing Up Boys- James Dobson

Potty train David
Read to the boys from The Jesus Storybook Bible nightly
One 'field trip' a month
Read my 6 parenting books from the Read section

Ministry/ Friendship/Extended Family
Continue to serve with The Nest and Merge
Write an encouraging note once a month to a friend{free to do more if time and memory permits}
Attend/host a monthly Mom's Night Out or coffee with a friend
Have dinner with my In-laws once a month

Have a monthly date night
Read 3 Marriage books
Attend a marriage conference

Join the Journey with my Church for my daily Bible reading
Complete 3 Whole30 Challenges
Exercise 2 days a week
Meal plan monthly
De-clutter the house following Organizing Made Fun
Complete several DIY project {more on that coming}

2 post per week
Have a guest post per month.
Set 'office' ours for blogging {Weekdays: 6am-8am and/or 8pm-9pm Weekends: 3hrs max whenever}

Eliminate our DEBT!!!

  • Target Card
  • Salle Mae
  • Baylor Hospital
  • Trail Blazer
Build Emergency fund with 2-4 month expenses
Begin saving for house down payment.

Ok Its all out there for the world to see! But hopefully this will motivate me to really stick to our plan.
I will be breaking them down by month so that it's not this big bad list BLARING in my face!

What are your 2013 goal?

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