Monday, November 1, 2010

Eating Clean

I have blogged about eating clean before, however I didn't stay on track very long, only 2 1/2 months between the two pregnancies. I let getting pregnant be an excuse to not be healthy. Which now that I am thinking about it, what a strange way to think, considering I am growing another human. This is the BEST time to be healthy. Well, no point crying over wasted time. I can take the last 2 months and re introduce my body to eating clean again.

I know that when I have my son, I am NOT going to like the number on the scale. Yes yes yes, I just had a baby, however if I had been diligent before my post baby weight would be lower. But once again it is what it is. I am looking forward to transitioning to clean eating that way while nursing and recovering from pregnancy those first 6 weeks I will be feeding my body and baby the best way possible.

I am planing to meet the lady who popularized The Eat Clean Diet, Tosca Reno tomorrow in Dallas.

This lifestyle shift will have an impact on my Tasty Tuesdays, except I will have a few Holiday favorites that I only enjoy on Christmas and WILL NOT make them clean! Hehehe Then there will be some that I will make "cleaner".

So, my readers who are passionate about this too, looking forward to joining in your success. To my readers who aren't passionate about this, I will not be making my blog my journey ( I may create a new one just for that) and I will try not to bore you!

 Just a few great tips from Tosca's new book Your Best Body Now

  • Eliminate sweets from your diet: Candies, cakes, cookies are some of the obvious ones, but beware of hidden sugar like; processed peanut butter, sweetened yogurt, pre-made granola, canned fruit in syrup fruit juice, protein bars and canned soups and sauces
  • Replace irregular snacking with small healthy meals: Chips, crackers and other crunchy treats are often used as a way to relieve stress or anxiety. Opt for smarter options like unsalted nuts, air popcorn, fruits and veggies. 
  • Switch out white carbs for brown: Healthy carbohydrates are whole grains including brown rice, whole-wheat pastas and 100% whole-wheat breads
  • Mix your protein sources: Don't just rely on the meats for protein, there are many vegetable-based proteins including soy foods( soy milk, edamame, or tofu) and quinoa. Also low-fat dairy such as yogurt or skim milk, and egg whites. 
  • Rethink your condiments: Instead of mayo, try, low-fat  hummus, goat cheese, avocado, fresh tomato, salsa and lemon juice. (this one is hard for me!)
  • Add punch to your water: Such as citrus slices, it can help you get down those recommended 64oz of water daily.
  • Use flavor boosters to  improve taste: Clean eating doesn't have to be boring. Some great nonfat condiments that heighten taste: fresh and dried herbs, horseradish, garlic, mustards, ginger, no-sugar added cranberry sauce, vinegars, Worcestershire sauce, citrus fruit, freshly made salsa, pureed fruit-and-vegetable sauces unsweetened apple butter or sauce, Bragg's All Purpose Seasoning and low-sodium soy sauce

These are some great starting points that I am using to start my new way of eating.

Are you making changes to your health? How? Why?


  1. So exciting that you are meeting her!!!!

    I admire you for starting at the clean eating now and giving yourself and baby the best possible choices...that is something you will not regret ever!

    The 30 Day challenge from my blog is an exercise will not be able to take part. lol your belly will get in the way!!

    Here is the link though so you know what I am talking about when I refer to it.

  2. P.S.
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog....I long to be a great example to my 4 daughters, I don't want them to face the same giants I have had to with weight issues!
    By God's grace He is breaking those cycles through me!!


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