Saturday, November 13, 2010


This morning my husband and I attended the Wait No More conference that was a partnership of Focus on the Family and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. It was very eye opening regarding foster care and adoption. 

This is something that my family wants to pursue. I know it won't be easy. There are so many broken, hurting children in the Texas foster system. There are children who have faced more hardship than I can even imagine. 

But we Christians by following Christ command in James 1:27;
~can be the home and family they haven't ever had
 ~can be Christ to them
 ~can show them the love of the Father
~can show them a brighter future
 ~can help them be a foster care anomaly

There are 3,500 children in the TX Child Welfare system, 
and there are over 22,000 churches in TX

Why are there children waiting?

This was the focus of the conference. 
No mater what state you live in we care called to care for orphans and widows. 
Not just with our money but with our person
Money doesn't buy security or love
something this children need. 

To learn more about the growing need for the children visit

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